Sacred Flame Relay (Guide in Progress)

Sacred Flame Relay (Guide in Progress)

Sacred Flame Relay, is the latest quest updated with the patch on 9th September 2008. With this quest, there's special "aura" which one could obtain.
Few points to note to complete the relay:
A) You'll need to complete the Language Barrier quest, as during part of the quest event, you'll be require to visit NPC in Spring Town. If you do not have LB quest completed, you'll be unable to talk to the NPC there.
B) During part of the quest, you'll be require to go to Heaven and find Goddess. You'll need to farm Goddess Favor or the items required by the Heaven teleporter.
C) DO NOT repeat the quest, since the quest item are not tradeable / or delete from your inventory. (IGG is discussing it with developer on this)
D) Refer to Game Guide Index if you're not sure how to obtain a particular item or how to complete the Language Barrier Quest.
E) Feedback on Sacred Flame Relay - by xxtop

Below are the steps require to do the quest for the Sacred Flame Relay.
Step 1> Visit Relay Officer, in Shaitan City(871, 3580). The first part would be "Missing Scared Flame". Kill number of bandits require and then upon completion, you need to talk to Blacksmith in Icicle City for the next quest.



Item obtained for completion of quest: 1 Tinder, 1 Secret Letter to Blacksmith in Icicle City, 5000 gold

Step 2> Goto Icicle city and find the Blacksmith, to obtain "Make a New Torch". You'll be require to get 10 Crystal Ore and 15 Ash Wood. Visit the Blacksmith again to complete this part and obtain the next quest.


You may find Crystal Ore from Abandone Mine and Ash Wood just outside Argent City.

Step 3> At the Blacksmith in Icicle, you are now require to obtain 10 Red Date and 10 Snowy soft bud. Visit the Blacksmith with the require item above to complete the "Make a New Torch" quest. You'll be given a torch upon completion.


Step 4>Automatically upon completion of the quest above at the Blacksmith in Icicle, a new quest would appear "Ignite Sacred Flame". The quest now require you to get the torch which you have obtain in Step 3 to the Relay Officer in Shaitan city.


Step 5>Upon bringing the torch to the Relay Officer, you'll obtain a new quest called "Loving Heart". This quest is divided into 5 parts. In this task you'll be require to talk to Tourist-Barbi at 994, 1234. (The torch needs to be in the inventory to obtain this quest from the Relay Officer)

The following NPCs are required for this task
1. Barbie(Thunderia Harbor 994, 1234)
2. Mermaid Princess(Shaitan desert 1254,3483)
3. Salva Haven(Sail SouthWest from Icicle Harbour and talk to the NPC there - DeepBlue 196, 1718)
4. Bill(Spring Town - You may either sail / teleport to the NPC - 3235,2550)
5. Abbadon Teleporter(NPC in Treasure Gulf - coor 693,1024 )

Step 6> To complete the "Loving Heart", you'll need to go back to Relay Officer(871, 3580) in Shaitan City and thus with that you obtain the  next task.

The first Heart that you will obtain

Step 7> "Heart of the Fearless" . This part of the task require you to visit the Chaos Argent Administrator in Icicle City.
-Win 10 PvP (The PVP should be conducted in Argent Arena)

The book indicate the start of the PVP quest

Step 8> Return back to Relay Officer(871, 3580) to obtain the Heart of Fearless, and to proceed with the next task "Heart of Dedication.
Finishing the task of Heart of Fearless with a visit to Relay officer.

Step 9 > "Heart of Dedication" quest would require you to visit NPC, Miner in Abandoned Mine 2
-Give him 5 signets

Completion of quest at the Miner

Step 10> Return to Relay Officer(871, 3580) to obtain the Heart of Dedication and proceed with the next task "Heart of Wisdom"

Starts of the next task "Heart of Wisdom"

Step 11> "Heart of Wisdom" quest require you to visit Goddess at Heaven. (This is the tough part for many players; and it's the same for me. - I'll provide the details when I can get to Heaven). Goddess Favour would be the easiest choice to find Goddess.
For guide to get to Heaven and location of the Heaven teleporter, refer this guide
Skeletar, Treasure Gulf, Abaddon, Heaven, Naval Base
Info - by Snowy

Required item for quest, get some of these items first before visiting Goddess.
- 1 pc Heated Tortoise shell - Snowy Tortoise @  Deep Blue 2165, 462
- 1 pc Boxing Gloves - Rookie Boxeroo @ Ascaron 1117, 2923 (Kangaroo at Andes Forest)

Step 12> You'll need to answer 5 question from the Goddess and then you'll obtain the "Heart of Wisdom"

Question: Which city holds the 2008 Olympic Games?
Answer: Beijing

Question: When was TOP beta launch?
Answer: March 2007

Question: What's the meaning of the Five Olympic Rings?
Answer: It symbolizes the unity of the five continents

Question: How many ships are there in the Navy Seaport in TOP online
Answer: 2

Once test is finished, you'll be asked to return to the Relay Officer.

Items obtain up till this stage

Step 13> Relay Officer would give you the "Heart of Firmness" and ask you to visit the Flame Platform (located at Shaitan city harbour, 864,3705)- Note: Some people has mention that it is not available. Kindly PM us if the platform is not there.

Items obtained upon getting all the heart.

At the Flame Platform

The lighted torch

The aura upon equipping the ring

Upon finishing of the quest, you'll obtain a Scared Flame Ring.
The ring is not tradeable, but can be store in the bank; but there's a problem is, the torch is also going to use up an additional slot in your inventory. When the ring is equip, you'll have a special shine / aura around your character. Congrats for finishing the Scared Flame Quest.

Photos contributed by jancy123, xxtop
Additional info from players who has completed it in Angelic/Red
(Detail on this guide is in progress; there'll be a lot more updates to come)