[Newbie guide] [Guide] All Gems

[Newbie guide] [Guide] All Gems

Well this is my first guide in english, hope it helps you.


-Chapter 1: Common Gems. [comm]

-Chapter 2: Unique Gems. [uniq]

-Chapter 3: Azrael Gems. [azg]

-Chapter 4: Black Dragon Gems. [bdg]

-Chapter 5: Other. [oth]

-Chapter 6: Broken and Cracked Gems [brok]

-Chapter 7: Chipped Gems.[chipp]

-Chapter 8: Great Gems. [grt]

-Chapter 9: Rock Gems. [rock]

1. Common Gems:


Refined Gem

Effect: This is the most important gem, it allows you to can forge all gems in your equips, remeber that the refined gem must be the same lvl than the gem you want to forge.

Fiery gem:

Effect: 4 attack bonus.

Forged in: one handed or Two handed swords.

Explosive gem:

Effect:  10 attack bonus.

Forged in: pistols.

Lustrious gem:

Effect:  5 hit rate bonus.

Forged in: gloves or weapons.

Furious gem:

Effect:  6 attack bonus

Forged in: two handed swords, bows, daggers and staffs.

Glowing gem:

Effect:  5 defense bonus.

Forged in: armours or shields

Shining gem:

Effect:  100 hp bonus.

Forged in: armours or shields.

Shadow gem:

Effect:  2 dodge bonus.

Forged in: boots and weapons

Spirit Gem:

Effect:  1 spr bonus.

Forged in: boots and weapons.

Yo can get all this gems from item mall, award center, some mobs drop them and as a reward of pirate club.

2. Unique gems:


Gem of Rage:

Effect:  5 strenght bonus.

Forged in: Weapons.

Gem of Wind:

Effect:  5 agility bonus.

Forged in: boots

Gem of Colossus:

Effect:  5 constitution bonus.

Forged in: armours and shields.

Gem of Strking:

Effect:  5 accurancy bonus.

Forged in: gloves.

Gem of Soul:

Effect:  5 spirit bonus.

Forged in: Weapons.

You can get this gems form item mall, award center and some mobs drop them.

3. Black Dragon Gems:


Heart of Black Dragon

Effect:  500 hp bonus.

Forged in: boots and gloves.

Eye of Black Dragon

Effect:  50 attack bonus.

Forged in: weapons.

Soul of Black Dragon

Effect:  3 physical resist bonus.

Forged in: armours and shields.

You can get the bd gems from item mall (just on promotions) and some mobs drop them.

4. Azrael Gems:


Azrael´s Glare

Effect:  8 strenght bonus.

Forged in: Weapons.

Azrael´s Dance

Effect:  8 agility bonus.

Forged in: Boots.

Undead Azrael

Effect:  8 Constitution bonus.

Forged in: Armour.

Azrael´s Aggregation

Effect:  8 accurancy bonus.

Forged in: weapons and gloves.

Azrael´s Light

Effect:  8 spirit bonus.

Forged in: weapon and armour.

You only can get this gems from item mall.

5. Other:


Fengs Defence

Effect:  15 defense bonus.

Forged in: armour.

Bings Dodging

Effect:  10 dodge bonus.

Forged in: Boots.

Locks Hit

Effect:  10 hit rate bonus.

Forged in: gloves.

Chiatans Aura

Effect:  10 critical hit rate bonus.

Forged in: hat.

Shark's Strengthening

Effect:  300 hp bonus.

Forged in: armour and shield.

Yellow Jade

Effect:  10 defense bonus.

Forged in: hat.

Red Jade

Effect:  200 hp bonus.

Forged in: hat.

Green Jade

Effect:  200 sp bonus.

Forged in: hat.

You can get all this gems buying them on item mall.

6.Broken y Cracked Gems:


Broken gems can be obtained in forsaken city maze and are  2 stat points, and cracked gems in dark swamp nad they´re  3 stat points. They´re like a piece of an unique gem, they just can be upgraded at lvl 3 at most.


7.Chipped Gems:


Chipped gems are  4 stat points, they ca be improved to lvl 3 at most. You can get them in award center for 999 (1000 ¬¬) credits.


8. Great Gems:


You can get them this gems on special promotions on item mall and sometimes on wheel for fortune. They can be improved at lvl at must like unique gems, they´re  6 stat points. There aren´t too many of this gems in-game because is hard to get them.

9. Rock Gems:


These are the most new gems igg launched. They all can be forged just in gloves, they´re  2 stat points and upgraded at lvl 9 at must. You can get them on specail promotions on item mall.

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[Newbie guide] [Guide] All Gems

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